Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore! #2

I've been in Europe for 9 years and I've seen many strange things! But this even shocked me! Not too long ago the family was on a little trip back from Budapest, Hungary. Like most families bathroom stops become a routine when you've got kids. It can be difficult just finding a place. Luckily enough on the highway you can find gas stations about every 100km or so. We'll we're driving and one of the kids let's me know that it's time to stop somewhere. We've not been in the car that long, so like the good dad that I am , I tell them just a little longer. This goes on a while until I know that if I don't stop I'm going to be sorry. I began the task of trying to find a clean place to stop. So I drive, and drive and then drive some more. Before I saw gas stations everywhere, but now it's like we were in the wilderness! Then like an oasis in the desert the sign began to appear out of the dark. We began to think is it real? Are we dreaming? As we got closer we realized that our oasis was real. A brand new gas station with bathrooms! Hallelujah! I think angels were singing or maybe it was the kids. I slide into the parking lot, OK not really I'm embellishing the story now. We do get out rather quickly and hurry a long to the restrooms.

This is when I learn I'm not in Kansas any more! The bathroom is locked down and the only way to get through is to pay!!! Most places in Europe you have to pay for the bathroom, but this place was to the extreme! Never have I seen a barricade blocking the entrance. You can see this in the picture above. You put money in the little slot and then it opens for you. One at a time!

I learned two valuable lessons from this experience: First, always keep plenty of money from the country your traveling in on you at all times. Second, drink less coke and water when your traveling. With any luck you wont have to stop at all!


Johnny said...
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Unknown said...

LOL! That is so funny. I just published a special post for missionaries that you might enjoy. "You might be a missionary if..." Stop by and add your own!


Tammy said...

Too funny! We used to have a truck stop when I was a teen near here that had pay stalls in the bathroom. It cost a dime to use them. To me that's like paying to use air! Ridiculous!

TO BECOME said...

Bro. Johnny, it is so good to see you with a blog. I am sure we will learn a lot. today's post was very funny but even in that we learn something. I am a good friend of Tori's. She has been an inspiration to me many times. Now, my husband and I will enjoy your blog also. God bless you as you misiter for the Lord in Croatia. Connie from Texas