Thursday, March 26, 2009

Is that legal?

We had a great blessing last night at church! I drive into the Gypsy village to pick up a family that comes faithfully to our church. As I turn the corner I notice what looks like a mob in front of their house. As I got a little closer i noticed that it was about 16 kids, and they were ready for church!

We only have a 9 passenger van! By the time they all got in we had 21 people in our 9 passenger van! Praise God! I don't know if it was legal, but I didn't ask. I was able to preach to them at the church. I was surprised at how well they all listened! They all said they were coming back!

I learned later what caused them all to come to church on Wednesday night. Last week Ruben and Rebeka, Brother Rich's children, were praying for more children to come to Sunday school. A little Gypsy girl heard them and ask the teacher if she was allowed to invite people to church. This little girl went around the village inviting people to church! You never know what prayer can do, and you never know how much one person can influence others. What a blessed night it was!


Jessica said...

What a blessing! It proves that no matter how old you are, God can and will work through you!

sam3673 said...

WOW! What an incredible blessing. I read that and got fired up! Mercy! You just never know what God is going to do. Praise the Lord.

God Save Croatia.

Tammy said...

How wonderful! Praise Him for His goodness! Keep up the good works!