Monday, May 31, 2010

Please Pray!

Dear praying Friends,
I just got word from Brother Dean, the Gypssy man that I'm working with, he wants to take us into a village tomorrow that nobody has been too before with the Gospel.
Please pray for us tommorrow that God will give us power to stand up for him! Also pray that many will be saved.
After this village we will return to Bro. Dean's village to preach there and begin teaching those who were saved last week!
It will be a busy day and we will need God's help and your prayers!
Because of Jesus,
Bro. Johnny Leslie

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Ministry update!

Dear Praying Friends,

What a great few weeks we have had! We have seen several call upon the name of the Lord, and we have passed out several 1000 Gospel tracts. Last Saturday we, as a Church took 20 people to a town called Velika Gorica. This town is the 8th largest town in Croatia. By God's grace we were able to pass out 3,000 Gospel tracts and 1,000 John and Romans. We also saw two people glouriously saved and at least another six people heard a clear presentation of the Gospel! Brother Rich, the national pastor, was so excited because he had a group of about 7 people around him and he was able to preach to them. We are greatly rejoicing that the Gospel was able to shine through us in this town!

On Monday Bro. Sam, Bro. Scott and I went to Zagreb, the capitol of Croatia, to buy Bro. Sam a car. God led us to the perfect car for Bro. Sam, and while waited for the man to do the paper work we went into the town of Zagreb armed with Gospel tracts. We three men stood infront of the main train station for three hours and passed out several hundred Gospel tracts. Each one of us had the priveldge to win someone to Christ! What a great day it was!

However, the day was not finished! On our way home we stopped by the Gypssy village where we have been wanting to start a Church. We have had some set backs there and it looks like we have fixed the problem. One of the men in this village spread lies about us, so Bro. Dean was angry at us. This same man spread lies about Bro. Dean to us. It looks like the devil was using this man to destroy something of God. Well we worked it all out, and brother Dean brought me a man from the village named Joseph. Dean wanted me to tell him of Jesus, which I did and Joseph was glouriously and eternaly saved. After talking to Joseph I heard what sounded like preaching from out side the house. Bro. Sam and Bro. Scott had gathered a crowd and one Gzppsy boy was trying to translate Bro. Sam while he preached to this crowd. I came outside a took over the translation work and Bro. Sam cut loose with the Gospel. There was a crowd of Children, men and women who heard the glourious Gospel of Jesus Christ! When Bro. Sam was finished we gave them an invitation to accept Jesus Christ as their Savior! I'm not sure how many prayed, but it must have been at least 15. I then told them we would be back next week to teach them the Bible, so that they could learn more of Jesus. They said they would come back and they wanted to know exactly when we would be back. What a day it was! We trully felt refreshed in the Lord.

Please pray for these who have excepted Jesus as their Saviour!

Because of Jesus,

Bro. Johnny Leslie

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Friend Day!

We had a great Friend Day, with 39 in attendance and three visitors! We did not set any records, but it was a great day! One of the visitors was a first time visitor. In Croatia it is always a victory when you get a first time visitor.

There was a good spirit in the church and Bro. Rich preached a great message! A personal blessing to me was hearing my son sing a special in Croatian. Brother Scott has encouraged him to sing and I am grateful that he has.

Thank you all for praying for this special day!

Cody singing!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I'm still here!

I just wanted to post something quick, and let all of you know we are still out here. God has been good as always and we have seen many come to Christ.

Today we are having Friend Day, and we are all waiting to see what God is going to do. We have worked hard, prayed and fasted and now we leave everything in our Saviors hands!

I'll be trying to post more frequently so that you all may know what is going on in Croatia!

Until then,

Bro. Johnny