Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank God for good friends!

Yesterday I checked my e-mail and was blessed by my good friend James Rasbeary. We have been in Croatia 10 years and he wrote this poem about our 10 year mark. I don't feel worthy of it, but it was a blessing to me to have such a good friend! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


By James Rasbeary

June 1, 2010

Nigh onto twenty years ago,

The saving grace of God did find

A man whom sin so long did blind,

And made him a new creature;

And by that same grace he did grow

And felt God's call to others go

As His own gospel preacher.

In God's will this new man did go,

But God did not send him alone

To face and brave the storms unknown;

A sweet help meet for His man

God's loving grace did also make,

His own cup of life to partake,

As they pursued God's plan.

Some fields are cold and hard; e'en so,

God sends strong men to work therein;

The Lord needs someone to begin

To plow the hard, fallow ground;

It oft takes years of faithful pain

'Fore the harvest of golden grain

And we bring our sheaves in bound.

Ten years - it seems so long ago

When they flew to that far off place

With trembl'ng heart and tear-stained face;

What a journey they began!

Their work has been divinely blessed

And other men have joined their quest-

A team compiled in God's plan.

We are proud of our friends, although

'Tis hard to be so far away.

Still, we want them to faithful stay

In their own appointed place.

A nation of souls needs them more;

We have eternity in store

When we have finished our race.