Friday, July 3, 2009

We're not in Kansas anymore! #3

Yesterday I spent my morning at the dentist office. She told me I had a few teeth to fix, and my insurance here covers it, so I said why not. Big mistake! I go in, sit in the chair, and brace for the worse. Then I begin to here the drill, and she says open wide. Wait a minute, I think she forgot a step. Wasn't she suppose to give me a shot or something to deaden my mouth? I don't have a lot of practice at this. But I do remember 18 years ago going to the dentist and he gave me a shot before he drilled. For a minute I thought maybe she was communist and hated Americans. Maybe this was her way of getting a little revenge for the Berlin wall thing.

Well I embraced for the worse. At first not much pain, but then I think she was hitting something that she was not supposed to. As a natural reflex I tried to stop the drill with my tongue. After all it was my only defense. The dentist just said don't do that sir. My response was, It hurts. She said, just a little longer. I think what she meant was buck up and be a man.

She finally finished, and honestly it wasn't that bad. I might even go back and have my other tooth fixed.


Dr. Raz said...

I personally believe that all dentists are mean-spirited and enjoy inflicting pain and discomfort. It is a little known fact that the CIA loves to recruit dentists to get information from people.

Tammy said...

Are you sure you're not ready for a rubber room and straight jacket?!! - Cuz I don't even want a shot to numb - I want to be asleep! ha ha ha