Sunday, July 5, 2009

People, People, People!

Why do people have to be people? I heard one preacher say, "I'd be a great Pastor if it weren't for people." I think as a missionary sometimes I feel that way. This week has been rather difficult. Most of the problems have stemmed from people. We are almost finished with the New Testament in the translation that we are doing. My good friend James Rasbeary said to me, " get ready for a fight from the devil." How prophetic he was, after he made that statement it seems everything has went wrong.

Just yesterday I called one of two sisters that come to the church in Varazdin to see why they haven't come lately. They informed me that they are taking a break from Church. They said that since they have been coming to Church they have had problems in their lives. Who doesn't have problems? I tried to inform them that their decision was a bad one and a dangerous one. They both have been coming to our church for about 7 years. We have spent much time an energy on them, trying to help them to grow. Tori was good friends with one of them. It amazes me how people can be faithful to church for 7 years and have friends there, then they quit and not even tell anybody.

At first I was a little angry, but then I realized this must have been a little of what the Lord felt. The difference between Him and I is that He is perfect! Isn't it wonderful that the Lord loves people! No matter how difficult or strange they may be He loves them. Isn't it wonderful that He wants to use you and I to love them as well. He wants to love people through us!

I don't understand people! I probably never will, but I do know that we are to allow the Lord to love them through us. The normal ones and even the strange ones!


Dr. Raz said...

I'm sorry to hear that. I too am amazed at how calloused and selfish people can be, especially towards the ones who have invested so much in them. I know that must feel very discouraging. One passage that often comes to my mind when dealing with people problems is this:(John 2:24-25) "But Jesus did not commit himself unto them, because he knew all men, {25} And needed not that any should testify of man: for he knew what was in man."
We'll be praying for you and the new work.

Tammy said...

Bro. Johnny, one of the reasons I like your and Tori's blogs so much is you both often echoe my own mind and sentiments when encountering people. I don't understand people at all. I also enjoy hearing that you are pressing forward with God's work even when you get discouraged sometimes. In reading your blogs I have noticed that for every discouragement, there is a victory that comes from and through God. We are after all, "On the Winning Side!" Been praying for your Croatian Bible to be printed.