Thursday, July 30, 2009

encouragement from discouragement!

Yesterday we had another problem with our children's ministries. It seems as if every week there is some problem. I know the devil does not want this ministry to continue so he fights very hard to discourage it.

After the problem I arrive with the children at Church and I'm explaining to some of the people the events that just took place. I begin to tell them how much the devil does not want us working with the children. I then tell the folks how the devil has fought every step of the way. Before I'm finished with my story I'm sure they are now as discouraged as I am.

Then Brother Alen says, "Doesn't he (the devil) know that he's already lost the war!" The moment this satement was made my discouragement, as well as everyone else that was listening, turned to encouragement! One minute we were all focusing on how strong the devil is, which always brings discouragement. The next minute we were focusing on the Savior and the vivtory He has given to us all!

Too many times I have focused on the enemy instead of the Victor! Brother Alen taught me to focus more on Jesus and less on the devil! Jesus has already won the victory! My discouragement quickly turned into encouragement all because of Jesus!


Bro. Raz said...

Amen. Sometimes it is easy to forget we are on the winning side after all.

Tammy said...

It sure is hard not to focus on the difficulties that Satan brings our way but all we have to do is turn our eyes and hearts heavenward and discouragement leaves. Our kids ministry is being attacked also.

Tori Leslie said...

Praise the Lord for those God has given us to work along side us!