Sunday, July 26, 2009

Working in a Catholic country

Last week some of our bus kids came to me and said, we can't come next Sunday our sister, which is one of our kids, is going to be baptized. What? Where and by whom? The answer, the Catholic Church. The little girl is probably about 6, and I was very disturbed by this. They will throw a big party today after her baptism. They love every opportunity to party and get drunk. I think they will baptize her mainly so they can party.

This is just one more reminder for me of where I'm at. This is a country that is a strong hold for the devil. He has these people bound by religion. I pray that through the preaching of the Gospel many of these people will be set free!

The older sister of this little girl wants to be baptized in our Baptist Church. She has been saved and I will try to get her mom and dad's permission. Please pray that God will open their hearts and allow their little girl to obey God.


Martina said...

Dear Bro. Johnny, just keep preaching. I grew up myself in Germany which is mainly Catholic, all though i got saved at age 23 and got baptized, which my parents know about, they are still consider me to be Catholic. For them its Tradition before Believe, i pray that the little Girl will get the permission of the Parents and that she will make a huge impact on all around her. All its takes it a little seed planted on good soil, to grow into some so much bigger.

Bro. Raz said...

We deal with the same issue among the Catholic parents of our bus kids, particularly the Hispanic ones. We are rarely able to get them baptized, and when we try we run the risk of losing the kids. Everywhere Catholicism goes, it enslaves generations in blind tradition.

Tammy said...

Dr. Raz is right! As an x catholic (I converted to that for 7 years til I couldn't take it anymore), I know first hand what they teach and how hard it is to convince them otherwise. When you deal with catholics from other ethnic groups - especially when leaving the U.S. - you are dealing not only with catholic traditions but also much more superstions and beliefs. Hispanic and philippino groups tend to hold fast to many cultural superstitions such as ghosts, looking for signs, and they usually hold tighter to the lighting of candles than white, caucasion of America. Do not mean to stereotype or cause offence by this statement, it is just a fact I have known - first hand by the way.

Tammy said...

Oh, forgot. The cartoon is too funny!