Saturday, August 8, 2009


Proverbs 23:23 says, buy the truth, and sell it not;... I'm so glad that I had people in my life to tell me the truth. Last Thursday we were getting ready for our prayer meeting and we had the front door of the church open. I was looking out the door when I noticed a young man, in his early twenties walk by the door. He was looking inside as if he wanted to go in but was scared to. I watched him walk off, but then he turned around for a second look. It was then I went to him and introduced myself. On my invitation he came inside the church for a look. After talking to him for a while I learned that he was saved but went to the local pentecostal church down the road from ours. He was a very nice young man and you could see that he was very sincere and that he loved the Lord. However, I could also see that he did not have the same opportunity that I had of learning the truth. No doubt he was taught many things that were untrue. In my short talk with him I tried to give him some truth. Hopefully he will come back and hear more.

I began to think this week how blessed I am to have the truth. How true the above Proverb is, buy the truth and sell it not. Once we have the truth don't give it up. Baptist today are not selling the truth they are giving it away. Truth is to precious for us to sell or give away. I have been challenged more than ever to stand for truth! This world needs the truth of the Word of the Living God!

Dear Christian in this age of compromise let us preach the truth more than ever! Croatia, America and everywhere else needs the truth!

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Tammy said...

Amen! Too many compromise even when they know the truth. And too many just plain don't know - have never been taught. I, too, am so glad for knowing what I know tho with it comes great responsibility.