Friday, October 2, 2009

Tools are needed!

Tools are used to help accomplish tasks. A builder would have a hard time building without tools. A mechanic would have a hard time repairing a car without tools. Most every profession requires some kind of tool to accomplish the job. I believe that God has given us a task to accomplish. All around us there are souls perishing. God wants us in the business of soul-winning! As I prepare for our soul-winning marathon, I've been thinking about the tools that we will be needing to accomplish the task God has given us.

Tool #1 is God's power. I know that maybe it's difficult to think of God's power as a tool. However, we need to remember that a tool helps us to accomplish a task. I've learned that without God's power we can do nothing. Without this tool we will be ineffective soul-winners. I've been soul-winning too many times without this tool. My witnessing was dry and ineffective. Then there were other times that I went with God's power. The words seemed to flow out of my mouth directly into the heart of the one listening. This week I will be emphasizing this to all who go out with us. We must go with God's power!

Tool #2 is our New Testament. I know this seems elementary, but it is definitely the Word of God that does the working. It is not all of our polished illustrations and humor. It is God's Word that gets right into the heart of the one listening to us.

Tool #3 is a soul-winning partner. I know you can win someone to Christ by yourself. However, I believe there was a reason our Lord sent His followers out two by two. I can win souls by myself, but when someone is with me I have more boldness than I do alone. Soul-winning partners can strengthen one another.

Tool #4 is something practical that I made up this year. I remember Dr. Carl Hatch used to carry a soul-winning card in his pocket. This year I decided to make one for all of our soul-winners. On one side it contains the plan of salvation, on the other side it contains verses about Christian growth. I hope this can be used to help our soul-winners get more people into church and baptized.

Tool # 5 is also practical; a pen and convert slips. They may seem insignificant but they are very important. Winning people is only the first part of our task. We need to do our best to follow up on our converts and get them into the water and on to the pew! We have done a poor job of this in the past, but we are working on it!

I am sure there are many more tools that can be used to help us in our God given task. Maybe you know of few tools that are not listed here. Feel free to add them to the comment list. The tools you add may help us all to accomplish our God given task of winning the lost!


Tori said...

Great post Babe!
Looking forward to seeing what God is going to do over the next two weeks.
Better go do some ironing so you'll have something to wear! :0)

Dr. Raz said...

Good post. A Croatian soulwinning card is a great idea. I've used them since first hearing Bro Hatch. A lady in our church made a bunch for us with the Romans Road and a three-question "pop quiz" I teach our soulwinners. Those who use the card usually see more people saved than those who don't. I think that when people see you pull out a New Testament their blinded minds are scared off, wondering how long you are going to be. When they see my "gospel card," they can see that it won't take long. That opens a door that otherwise might stay closed.
Praying for you to have 100 saved!

Tammy said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing the tip about the soul winning card to carry. I will be sharing it with Bob. I also believe the partner is important to be the prayer partner. They are to be begging down God's power while the other is witnessing. Also, they are the distraction protector. I have kept babies' and kids' attention while Bob presented and I have had my teen girl partner change a diaper while I presented the gospel!