Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Day #3 Soul-winning marathon!

Glory to Almighty God! We had another tremendous day. There were 8 souls saved which brings our total to 21. In the last three days about 50 other people have heard a clear presentation of the gospel. They did not want to pray with us in the park, but many of them promised to do this at home. Only heaven knows how many more have been saved that we don't even know about. God has been moving in such a mighty way. It is so exciting to be a part of this.

We received many blessings yesterday, but there is one in particular that I want to share with you. After my boys finished school they went with us into town. Both of them had such a desire to win somebody to the Lord. My oldest son Cody was able to lead his first soul to the Lord in the Croatian language! I watched the whole thing and I about had a shouting fit in the park! God has been so good to us this week. We believe it is because so many of you are praying! Please keep praying! We want God to shake this town this week for the glory of Almighty God!


Dr. Raz said...

That's tremendous! Go Cody!

Tammy said...

Awesome! So proud of Cody! Way to go! Thank God for giving the increase and blessing one willing to present!