Monday, October 12, 2009

Day #6 Soul-winning marathon!

Saturday we spent the morning in Cakovec passing out tracts and witnessing! I took a few children from our church and it was a blessing seeing them pass out gospel tracts; they even tried to talk to people. Bro. Sam and Cody each had one saved which brings our total to 46 souls saved! Cody is turning into a real soul-winner.

When we arrived to town I was approached by a JW. I quickly learned that they had a booth set up in town and there were about 8 of them spreading their heresy. It seems they saw us in town all week and so now they are going to try it. I pointed them out to brother Rich and he said, "What a shame that they are copying what we are doing." He then said, "why aren't the other Baptist in this town copying us? Where are they?"

We have definitely stirred this town up! Many are talking and know that there is one church in town that believes what the Bible says!


Dr. Raz said...

That's exciting. Praying for this week as well! Don't let the buzzards get you down (the heretics and the critics).

Tammy said...

Amen! I pray you not only stir them up but turn the towns upside down! - Just as the apostles did.