Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Men's trip to Krk!

We are getting ready to kick off our conference with Brother Smith! Our theme this year is, Is the end of the world near? Brother Smith will be preaching every night about the return of Jesus Christ! Brother Smith is an old time preacher who still believes the book, the blood and the blessed hope! He has been coming to Croatia every year for the last four years. Usually when he comes he never has time to see any of the beauty of Croatia, because the conference usually starts immediately when he arrives. This year I wanted to take him down to the coast, so that he could see a little of Croatia. Yesterday we took a group of men, with tracts in our hands and took the three and half hour drive to Krk. For you that may not know Krk is an Island of the Croatian coast, and it is simply beautiful. We had a great time of fellowship as we enjoyed God's creation, and the old Mediterranean cities along the way! Below you will find a few few pictures of our trip!

Brother Smith, he is our special speaker this week!

Me and Cody, How did he ever get taller than me!

Brother Rich under the Croatian flag, he loves his country!

Brother Scott with a handful of tracts and John and Romans!

Croatian countryside!

Me and Brother Rich, we have stood together for 10 years reaching the Croatian people for the Lord!

Brother Scott and Brother Rich doing what Baptist do best, they were looking at the menu of a local restaurant!

Brother Sam with tracts in hand and no one will get by him!

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Bro. Raz said...

Looks like a lot of fun! Croatia is a beautiful place, especially by the sea. Praying you have a great meeting this week.