Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I believe God!

Open Letter to: Rush Limbaugh

From: Kent Hovind
Sent: May 7, 2009
Posted: March 8, 2010

Dear Rush,

Mega-dittos from a long time listener! I enjoyed your program from May 6, 2009, as I do most of them, but… I have a suggestion to help eliminate the confusion caused by the likes of Chris Matthews. You played some sound bites of him in the third hour at about 2:10 EST. The issues were creation vs. evolution and C02 emissions.

First, as a fifteen-year veteran high school biology teacher, with an extra dose of Midwest common sense, I can tell you that plants thrive on extra C02. Greenhouses often add C02 to increase plant growth and fruiting capacity. The more C02 we pump into the atmosphere, the faster all plants in the surrounding area will grow and absorb it. I don’t think it is possible for man to upset the balance. Capturing C02 and pumping it into the ground as is currently planned will result in diminished plant growth and less crop yield. Numerous experiments have shown that increasing C02 by 50% from the normal .06% to .09% will typically give a 200% increase in fruit produced. Please, please, please keep driving that SUV to help save the planet!

Second, I loved your comment, “I’m not against science. I’m against lies.” I agree. For twenty years, I have been traveling full-time speaking on creation vs evolutionism. (By the way, the “ism” goes on evolutionism not creation!☺☺ One subtle trick of “the left” is to not clearly define terms used in the debate. You have covered this well on many topics, but you seem to have missed it on the evolution topic.

There are six different and unrelated meanings of evolution, only the last of which is really part of science. The first five are never observed and are part of the religion of humanism—which you often refer to as liberalism. These first five only take place in the imagination. The definitions are:
1. Cosmic Evolution—the origin of time, space, and matter from nothing in the big bang
2. Chemical Evolution—the origin of all ninety-two elements from hydrogen
3. Stellar Evolution—the formation of stars and galaxies from gas clouds
4. Organic Evolution—the origin of life from non-living chemicals
5. Macroevolution—the changing of one kind of plant or animal into another kind of plant or animal—slowly (or quickly if you are from Harvard)
6. Microevolution—changes within the same kind—like wolves, coyotes, and dogs being related to a common ancestor

Having debated over one hundred evolutionists and atheists at universities all over America, and having spoken on this topic over seven hundred times each year for twenty years, I can assure you that once the word “evolution” is clearly defined like this, the argument is over for the evolutionist. Watch some of the videos of these debates on www.drdino.com and you will see for yourself.

Evolutionists will give scores of examples of micro-evolution (#6) and then lead students or congressmen to believe that this evidence magically proves the first five as well. It is a classic example of bait and switch. Next time someone asks if you believe in evolution, ask them what they mean by that word. They will say “Things change.” You should say, “I believe that things change too, but the changes have limits.”

Besides not defining the term, evolutionists are great at using long-disproved “evidences” for evolution. It’s no surprise that they lie! I cover fifty of these lies in my Creation Seminar Series, Part 4—“Lies in the Textbooks.” See www.drdino.com for more information. Our ministry in Pensacola would be glad to donate a set if you or your staff are interested. We have produced about two million of them in twenty-five languages. We have always allowed people to copy them freely, so there is no telling how many are actually in circulation.

Chris Matthews said that conservatives “don’t accept science.” Nothing could be further from the truth. I, for one, love science and the thousands of advancements it has brought us. The problem is that they want to include evolution as part of science. Beer is often sold at football games. Beer has nothing to do with football and beer does not make the players better athletes. If someone said, “I don’t like beer,” would it be logical to respond, “Oh, you don’t like sports?” It is true that evolution is often included in science books, but that does not make it scientific by association.

On your show you said, “Evolution does not explain creation.” I agree, but you need to better define the terms. Micro-evolution happens and does explain how animals can adapt to a wide range of climates. They are still the same kind of animal though. Every farmer on planet earth uses micro-evolution to get crops or animals that are best suited for his area, but he also counts on the first five types of evolution not happening! When he plants corn, he expects and gets corn. I’m from central Illinois where they have a good work ethic and know a lot about corn!

Next time, don’t let Chris Matthews or other liberals get by with not defining their terms. Dogs and wolves probably have a common ancestor. That is not evidence that dogs and bananas are related. He is welcome to believe that they are related, but that is part of his religion—not science! He should not expect all taxpayers to pay for his religion to be promoted in schools, parks, or museums.

The issue is bigger than “conservative” vs “liberal.” The real issue goes back to the question, “Is there a Creator?” If there is a God, then He decides what is right and wrong. If there is no God, then man decides what is right and wrong—humanism. Scores of issues like abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, genetically modified foods, stem cell research, big versus small government, as well as other moral issues, cannot be decided until it is first decided how we decide! Evolutionists have no set standard to measure truth. I have often asked atheists, “If evolution is true, how do you tell right from wrong?” They can never answer. One told me, “There are no absolutes!” I said, “Are you absolutely sure?” That’s why talking with them is frustrating. It’s like trying to nail Jello to the wall!

In my seminar, I also point out the connection between evolution and communism, socialism, Nazism, racism, and the New World Order. It appears that this material put me on a hit list. So, in typical liberal style, where your enemies are eliminated rather than answered, I was dragged into a long and frustrating battle with the IRS. I lost round one and am currently in prison fighting through the appeals process to have all charges overturned. Details of the case are on www.drdino.com if you are interested.

Keep up the great work!

Dr. Kent Hovind
Creation Science Evangelism
29 Cummings Road
Pensacola, FL 32503

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On a personal note I'm not endorsing Rush Limbaugh.


Tori said...

That's great, he's brilliant about this whole evo-creation topic.
Thanks for posting it, good read!

Tammy said...

I've seen many of his seminar tapes. Good stuff. Do you know how Rush responded to this email?