Monday, November 10, 2014

Harvest Sunday 2014!

Every year in the fall, we have Harvest Sunday in our Church. We try our best to have at least 4 big days a year. Many in Croatia will not come to a Baptist Church, because of years of tradition. We have learned that though Croatians won't typically come to a Baptist Church on any given Sunday, they will come on one of our big days such as Harvest Sunday or Friend Day. Usually on these big days we have special music, preaching of the Gospel, and as all good Baptist do, dinner on the grounds. It has been one of our biggest tools in getting people to Church. 

God has used this method in reaching people with the Gospel. Over the years we've seen people saved and added to the Church on these big days. This year our Harvest Sunday was blessed by God. We had 4 visitors and 1 saved! To God be the Glory!

Here our a few highlights from Harvest Sunday 2014!

It was wonderful seeing the Church full! There were 33 in attendance!

Hannah does a great job playing the piano for us! Love her servant's heart!

I think we need a bigger Church building?

Yep, I know we need a bigger Church building! Traffic jam!

Serving Goulash!

Our ladies made some great desserts! Almost made me blow my diet!

Pastor Telebar joined us from Cakovec! He and his family are dear to us!

Saying goodbye to one of our visitors. 

One of the sweetest ladies in all of Croatia! She is a hoot, and keeps the whole church laughing! 

Pastor Telebar's daughter Rebekah. She is a godly young lady who has a sweet spirit!

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Hannah Leslie said...

Thanks daddy, I enjoyed playing piano for the service!!!