Saturday, October 25, 2014

Lifting up Christ

Most Saturday mornings are spent lifting up Christ in Croatia. Over the years I've come to learn that all of my efforts are for nothing if Christ hasn't been lifted up. I spent many years frustrated and discouraged for lack of results. One of the greatest days in my ministry is when God showed me that it was not about me, and what I could do, but rather it was all about Christ! Because of this realization our emphasis every Saturday morning is to lift up Christ. 

Croatian people have religion, but what they truly need is Christ! They don't always, ok most of the time don't want Christ. But they desperately need Christ! In a place like this we don't always see great results, but I've learned that if Christ has been lifted up for all to see then we have not failed but succeeded. 

Where ever you may be serving, learn to lift up Christ! Give your people a fighting chance to stay out of hell! Remember my friend, it's not about you or your ability, it's all about Christ. Lift Him up so that all can see Christ!