Friday, June 7, 2013

Thankful to be in His service

A few days ago we arrived back to Croatia. I'm thankful to be back to work with the people God has called me too. Last night I preached in the Croatian language. Although it was certainly rusty I felt God's presence through the service.

After we said our last amen and dismissed a young man, who has been visiting the church with his parents, came up to me and wanted to talk. We went outside together and he said that he wanted to tell me something. This young man told me that every time he has come to the church and heard me preach it was as though I was speaking directly to him. He said everything he has been struggling with was addressed through the sermon as though it was for him. He was amazed that this could happen.

What a joy to explain to him the Bible is for everyone and has the answers to all our problems. I also told him the Holy Spirit knows what he needs and can use the preacher to speak to him. I count it a great joy to be in the service of our King! What a joy to be used by Him!

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