Monday, April 1, 2013

Giving another son to the Lord!

When all of our children were very young Tori and I gave them to the Lord, along with everything else that belongs to us. We own nothing it all belongs to Jesus! He purchased all that we have when He bought us with His own precious blood. We gladly and cheerfully turn ownership of all we have to Jesus.

A few years ago we understood really what that meant. Many of you know that we live on the mission field of Croatia and have done so for 13 years now. Our children have grown up here. They've had to learn a new culture and language.  They've done so cheerfully and have never complained about the will of God for mine and Tori's life. All I can say is Amen right there! Although we gave our children to the Lord, a few years ago that was brought to more than just mere words when are oldest son went to Bible college in the USA. Now I know that many send their children off to College. However, there is an ocean between us. There is no seeing him at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Spring break nor Summer vacation. We have had to go back to that time when we gave him to Jesus and remember that he is in the hands of our Lord, for he belongs to Him! Amen right there!

Now we come to this place again. Our next son, Joshua, is graduating High School. We will be bringing him home tomorrow so that he can graduate in May. We will come back to Croatia in June, but he will not. He will be staying behind to go to Bible college. I thought it would be a little easier this time, but it is not. I am brought to my knees and realize that I'm flesh, just like everyone else. I have fears, doubts and worries like everyone else. I have decided to turn to the Lord, that great Sheppard of the sheep and rest in His faithfulness! 

If I had a 1,000 lives to live. I would want to be a servant of the Lord Jesus in everyone!

Please don't think I'm whining nor complaining, for I am not. I just wanted you to know what life is like in the field!


Tori said...

Can you believe that we are old enough for this? WOW! Glad to be experiencing it with you!

In One Accord said...

It is hard to believe your children are growing up so fast...but how blessed you are that they want to serv the Lord. We will pray for a save flight home and for a calm mind and heart when you leave Josh behind...Love you all....Pat Rasbeary