Friday, April 17, 2009

Back to language school!

I knew I should have paid better attention in school. I never knew learning was that important. As a missionary I've really learned that language is so important. Without it we cannot communicate the Gospel effectively to those who so need to hear it. For the last 10 years I've been trying to learn Croatian, it is a difficult language and mastering it has proven difficult. By God's grace it's coming along and I'm able to communicate effectively the greatest message ever told to these dear souls.

So why am I back in school? The answer is because there is a population of souls within Croatia who have their own language. Now it's true that most of them can speak Croatian, but their mother tongue is not Croatian, but a Romanian dialect. After driving through the village God convicted me and told me to try to learn their language. What a door that could be opened if I could speak to them in their own language. Just imagine how many more people could hear the Gospel. What an opportunity before me!

What about the opportunity in front of every American! How many different language groups live around the Dallas Fort Worth area alone! What if Christians tried to learn Spanish, African, Chinese and etc. I know the cliché, they live in America, bless God they need to learn English, and they should. But why can't we learn their language while they are learning ours so that we could preach the Gospel to them. Immigration is not only a problem it can be a great opportunity! It all depends on how we look at things!

Maybe you can't ever be fluent in another language. I don't think I can be either, but we could learn enough to preach the Gospel to those who have never heard it! Maybe if we turned the television off 1 hour a night and spent the hour learning Spanish or Chinese. How much could we accomplish for the Kingdom of God!


Tammy said...

May God bless your efforts to learn these languages, and give you understanding beyond your expectations!

Johnny said...
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Tori said...

Amen, great post Babe! I was wrong, you were right, great point!


It is a great thing that you are learning the language. It will help a lot.

We have some spanish people who come to our church. I have tried to learn Spanish but "Ola" is about all I would feel like saying to someone but I will continue to try. A smile will let them know that you are friendly. But it takes words that they can understand to tell them about the Lord Jesus Christ.

Now to that important question you asked at the top of your page.

If I died right this moment, I know without a doubt that when My eyes opened that I would be in Heaven with my Lord and Saviour. I trust what I am told in the Bible, that if I would believe in the Lord Jesus Christ then I would be saved. He paid my debt on the cross of calvary. He died for sins that I should have died for but He redeemed me with His precious blood. I have accepted His free gift of salvation so I am ready to die any time, any place any hour. I will most certainly see you and Tori there when you come. connie from Texas

Tobitha said...

Great post, Bro. Johnny! We homeschool our boys and we are discussing at this time what language we would like to learn besides English, LOL! I have always wanted to learn French but we probably have more a need for Spanish. And, we could be a witness to the many people in America that speak Spanish.

sam3673 said...

That blesses my heart!
Hallelujah! Praise the LORD!
Especially including the Chinese.
Yeshu ai ni. (Chinese for Jesus loves you.)

steve said...

Great post and every thing is described very clearly.

Bro. Daniel said...

Amen Brother!

I have the same project in mind for here in Guatemala. There are two main Mayan dialects in our area: Mam and Quiche'.

I speak better spanish than do my neighbors, so I see the need much. Was thinking of waiting til we got the Hope Baptist Church established first. Or at least until one of our children picks it up and can help me (or us)learn it. One of the families here in Ostuncalco is teaching our family little by little and the the National pastor here is helping us too!

So, follow the Lord's Leading Brother!

Bro. Daniel