Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Call to Prayer

God has opened a great door for us in Croatia among the Gypsy people. Brother Krešo, a Gypsy man who is a member of our church, has been and still is on fire for the Lord! Brother Krešo has secured a building for us in his village, so that we can preach the Gospel there weekly. We've now been meeting there for almost three weeks and God has blessed! Over 20 people have made professions of faith in the Lord Jesus and many of them are talking about getting baptized. There is an excitement in the air of what God is doing. However, we need your prayers! 

Last week we hung a banner on the building that simply reads, "Kuršanec Baptist Church". Apparently someone in the village took a picture of it and showed it to the local priest. He has declared that he won't baptize anymore of their children as long as the  Baptist Church is in the village. I know many of you are probably saying praise the Lord right now and so are we!

We need your prayers. Gypsies live in their own villages in Croatia and are very clanish and even primitive at times. The priest is trying to provoke the people to run us out of the village. Please pray for our protection as well as those who have been saved in the village. Please pray that God will use this for His good. Please pray that God will give me power as I preach that many more might be saved!

Thank you for reading!

Monday, November 24, 2014

Jesus never changes

It's hard to believe we're approaching the end of another year. Christmas will soon be here, 2014 will be gone and the new year will begin. As the years come and go our world seems to change, people seem to change and sadly even some churches change. I'm so glad that Jesus never changes! He's the same yesterday, today and forever. It's still the blood that saves! Over the last 14 years in Croatia our message has been Jesus and Him crucified! We have done our best and are doing our best to lift up the cross of Calvary that men and women, boys and girls, can see Jesus! We don't need a new method, for the preaching of the cross is still enough. Call me old fashion if you like, that's ok with me, for my Bible is old fashion, my God is old fashion, and even my Savior is old fashion! I'll stand with that which never changes! 

As the years come and go may we be faithful to preach the cross! For it will never change.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Touched by a Holy God!

Around eight years ago a young Gypsy man came to our church looking pretty rough and ragged. On that day he heard about a Savior who loved him and died for him. Krešo was gloriously saved when he believed on the Lord Jesus Christ! He was soon baptized. For a while he attended the meetings of our church. However, like so many others, the world, alcohol and sin was strong in his life. He soon quit church and we saw very little of him. Many would probably say that he must not have gotten saved.

Well thank God that's not the end of the story. For my Bible says, "Being confident of this very thing, that he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ:" 
Philippians 1:6

I'm happy to tell you, that the Word of God is still true! This summer while we were on furlough, Brother Sam told me that Krešo had come back to church. To be perfectly honest I was a little skeptical for quite sometime. We've seen so many Gypsies come and go over the years. However, I was dead wrong about Bro. Krešo! God has done a work in him! When you get around him you cant help but smile. Here is a man that has very little of this world's goods, but he has something that can't be purchased with money. Brother Krešo has been touched by a Holy God!

Friday, November 21, 2014

My cup is full

Last night we had a glorious night in Church! I believe all of God's people left encouraged and filled with joy. God has given us a great group of people who love Him and want to serve Him. 

Our midweek service is simple, but encouraging! It is not so flashy, but effective. God's people meet together around the Word of God and God seems to show up! People who come in carrying great burdens sometimes leave lighter and refreshed.

Church was last night but as I write this my cup is still full! Thank God for the midweek service! We will not cancel ours it is needed in the life of believers. In this world where people live with real burdens they need more of church not less! 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Harvest Sunday 2014!

Every year in the fall, we have Harvest Sunday in our Church. We try our best to have at least 4 big days a year. Many in Croatia will not come to a Baptist Church, because of years of tradition. We have learned that though Croatians won't typically come to a Baptist Church on any given Sunday, they will come on one of our big days such as Harvest Sunday or Friend Day. Usually on these big days we have special music, preaching of the Gospel, and as all good Baptist do, dinner on the grounds. It has been one of our biggest tools in getting people to Church. 

God has used this method in reaching people with the Gospel. Over the years we've seen people saved and added to the Church on these big days. This year our Harvest Sunday was blessed by God. We had 4 visitors and 1 saved! To God be the Glory!

Here our a few highlights from Harvest Sunday 2014!

It was wonderful seeing the Church full! There were 33 in attendance!

Hannah does a great job playing the piano for us! Love her servant's heart!

I think we need a bigger Church building?

Yep, I know we need a bigger Church building! Traffic jam!

Serving Goulash!

Our ladies made some great desserts! Almost made me blow my diet!

Pastor Telebar joined us from Cakovec! He and his family are dear to us!

Saying goodbye to one of our visitors. 

One of the sweetest ladies in all of Croatia! She is a hoot, and keeps the whole church laughing! 

Pastor Telebar's daughter Rebekah. She is a godly young lady who has a sweet spirit!